Round Nine – Iowa

Confession: I’ve developed a serious case of writer’s block in regards to the Iowa Corn Indy 250. When I posted about my writer’s block on twitter, I got some suggestions, proving once again that I can always count on the fans:

• From @andhesonit: “Start with #Pork and go from there. #Anytime”
• From @Fleshwound_NPG: “EJ Viso crotch grab = 750 words. No less. Guaranteed.”
• From @K2theBru: “Play-doh always helps me.”

Thanks, guys. Now I’m set.


Okay, that didn’t work. I’ll admit that Iowa Speedway is quickly becoming one of my favorite stops on the IZOD IndyCar Series schedule and it’s not because of the booming metropolis that is Newton, IA. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t offer a lot of night life. You’re shocked… I know. In fact, the racing IS the night life, which is what makes it a super-duper addition to the schedule.

When I think of other race markets, there are certain aspects of the whole event that come to mind: great places to eat, unique landmarks, event features, etc. When I think of Iowa, it’s all about a 17-second lap under the lights on a tiny little high-speed track. And it’s magical.

When it comes to IndyCar, I’m a firm believer that we’re lucky to have the fastest, most versatile drivers in the world. It’s unique that we don’t only race one certain type of track and I’m confident that this sport that we all love will grow because of it. I’ve learned to really enjoy road courses, but I’ve always been an oval girl. I’m excited that the Series has found a way around the pack racing and I hope it opens doors for a more balanced road course/oval schedule. We just need to push the two T’s: Tickets and Tune-In. Do it.

Anyway, back to the pork. And corn. Or not.

I’m truly baffled by the fact that rain has fallen sometime during eight of the nine race weekends so far this season, and that Indy was clear every single day. Clearly I did not invest heavily enough in galoshes.

Could this blog be any more fragmented? It’s like a serious case of ADD. Ooh look, a squirrel.

Can we go back to the schedule for a minute? When IndyCar announced that there wouldn’t be a replacement for the China race, it dawned on me that we only have six more races this season. SIX. Maybe it seems so strange because we just had five in five weeks. And now we’ll have six in three months. But still… where does the time go? I guess this just means that we’ll have to start planning some off-season fan events, hey? Good. I’m glad we’re all in agreement.

See you in Toronto!

The Hot Lap
Miles traveled (in a minivan): 872
Days on the road in June: 13
Days off since May 1: 4
Cases of Red Bull consumed in May & June: > 60
Percent of crew looking forward to one weekend off: 100
Distance in paddock between No. 98 IndyCar & No. 28 Lights transporters: < 3 ft.
Total number of Firestone Firehawks at Iowa: 1,128
Times we were unable to locate our spotter: 1
People who also attended a horse race in Iowa: 3
Rain-deterring implements: 35 Barracuda ponchos, 8 Iowa Corn umbrellas, 1.5 pairs of bad-ass rain boots
Distance of race: 223.5 miles/359.75 km
Time we left Iowa Speedway for the drive home: 1:03 a.m.
Time we arrived in Indy: 7:49 a.m.
Number of photos in the Barracuda Racing Iowa photo album: 92 (check them out here )