Round 6 – Belle Isle

I’ll admit that I was disappointed when Tim Allen wasn’t there to greet us as we crossed the border into “Pure Michigan.”

To the average traveler like myself, Belle Isle sounds like such a magical place. A place where the concrete stays intact. Where black squirrels don’t go all kamikaze into traffic. Where you can find a place to use the bathroom without walking for a half-hour. You know… the stuff dreams are made of. Belle Isle may not be any of those things, but it does offer things like this:

I feel like that picture should come with an explanation, but quite frankly, I don’t have one.

Overall, it was an exciting weekend for Barracuda Racing. We qualified P3 on Saturday and it felt good to show off the new Honda power we’re rockin’. Ironically, Tag was helping Bowers & Wilkins launch a new product this weekend: The P3 headphones. I am now pushing hard for the introduction of a P1 product line.

After quals, we headed over to the IndyCar autograph session, where I found this at the line entrance:

Again, I have no explanation. The first two instructions don’t even make sense, so either someone is being clever (if so, I salute you) or there is a surprising amount of risk associated with the IndyCar autograph session.

You may have noticed that there were a few yellows during the Detroit race weekend, which means that the infamous tow truck made several appearances. On two occasions, I witnessed the truck (with car on hook) whip around a corner and smash one corner of the car into the concrete barrier. I won’t name the cars, but if the other teams are wondering why there’s damage on a part of the car that didn’t make contact on track, you can send a thank you letter to Budget Towing.

Next up: a couple of sponsor visits. Tag and I headed over to meet the Barracuda folks at the Cuda Lounge on Sunday. On our way there, we discovered this sign:

*closes dictionary* Nope. Friends, that’s not right.

When we finally got through the race (parts one and deux), I couldn’t help but feel (tired and) extremely proud of Tag and the whole team. With a frustrating start and an ill-timed yellow, they never gave up. Tag says stuff like this happens to make you stronger and I believe he’s right. We qualified third, started LAST, worked our way up to P5 and then earned a top-ten finish when the checkered flag dropped.

We’ve got a crew of rock stars and I’m so lucky to be part of Barracuda Racing. Only a short five-hour drive home (with 3 a.m. arrival) later, we’re back at it and getting ready for Texas. Gotta go pack my ten-gallon hat, y’all. See you in the Lone Star State!

The Hot Lap
Miles traveled: 644
Number of cars in the team caravan: 6
Record number of “Tag on the Go” cookies eaten by a crew guy in a single day: 7
Number of squishy wet team shoes worn all day on Friday: 44
Black eyes accidentally achieved by our shock guy on race morning: 1
Barracuda guests enjoying race day in the Cuda Lounge: 175
Positions Tag gained before the “unlucky” yellow: 20
Official length of race delay: 1 hour, 59 minutes, 46 seconds
Number of laps added after the delay: 15
Percent of our crew confused by this number: 100
Times we brought out the rain tires: 3
Times we put the rain tires back: 3
Double-shots of espresso purchased on the way home: 13
Hours between crew’s return to Indy and arrival at shop for work: 4
Number of photos in the Team Barracuda-BHA Belle Isle photo album: 101 (see them here: )